Delivered at Terminal (DAT) Definition

• Term may be used for all transport modes
• Seller delivers when the goods, once unloaded from the arriving means of transport, are placed at the disposal of the buyer at a named terminal at the named port or place of destination.
• “Terminal” includes quays, warehouses, container yard or road, rail or air terminal.
• Both parties should agree the terminal and if possible a point within the terminal at which point the risks will transfer from the seller to the buyer of the goods.
• If it is intended that the seller is to bear all the costs and responsibilities from the terminal to another point DAP or DDP may apply. .

Delivered at Terminal (DAT) Responsibilities

• Seller bears the responsibility and risks to deliver the goods to the named place.
• The seller is advised to obtain contracts of carriage that match the contract of sale
• The seller is required to clear the goods for export.
• If the seller incurs unloading costs at place of destination, unless previously agreed they are not entitled to recover any such costs.
• Importer is responsible for:-
• Effecting customs clearance
• Paying any customs duties.